Participating Providers and Plans for Comparison

Energy Watch has commercial relationships with the energy providers listed below.

The energy plans available from our providers will change from time to time. Not all plans available from our providers are compared by Energy Watch and due to commercial arrangements or plan availability, not all plans compared by Energy Watch will be available to all customers.

Some plans and special offers are available only from our call centre. Other plans are available only from our website.

We will display search results for our providers’ products on our website (subject to availability) however there are additional plans and special offers available via our call centre. Please also be aware that from time to time some of our plans may only be purchased online and will not be included in the comparison by our Energy Watch consultants over the phone.

Energy plans are available only for properties located in eligible areas of Victoria, New South Wales, South East Queensland, South Australia and ACT.

Residential Providers

Electricity only

Electricity and Gas Bundle

Gas only

Small Business Providers

Electricity only

Electricity and Gas Bundle

Gas only

Energy Watch makes its recommendations based upon your specified needs from the range of products which our participating providers offer through us. We wish to advise that at present, Energy Watch does not offer products from all providers. We may not compare all products offered by our participating providers but only those which they wish to offer through Energy Watch – this is known as our “Approved Product List” which can vary from time to time.

Product information is provided to us by our energy partners. Our website is updated when we receive this information to ensure the products displayed are up to date and accurate.

The plans and pricing Energy Watch displays are indicative based on the plans and rates our providers have given us and information provided by you, including your postcode. Any energy plan and network information displayed will be based on the postcode you have provided and you will be advised by the provider if your plan or rates subsequently differ due to a different meter type or network. If you live in a postcode area that spans more than one state, some plans displayed by Energy Watch may not be available at all locations in your postcode area. If you live in such a postcode area please contact Energy Watch’s Call Centre on 13 92 82 for information about plan availability.

Please note when you use our website to compare combined electricity and gas products (‘bundles’), there is a limited ability to compare single provider ‘bundles’ with individual electricity and gas products from different providers. However, our experienced energy consultants are able to compare bundles with individual products when you speak to them over the telephone.

How is Energy Watch remunerated?

Energy Watch's comparison service is supplied to consumers at no charge.

Energy Watch has commercial relationships with the energy providers listed above and receives commissions from these providers for each energy contract that is sold through Energy Watch.

The commission paid by providers to Energy Watch depends on the terms of their commercial relationship. Some providers pay Energy Watch a higher commission to access certain marketing features. For example, these providers can make a higher number of plans available in Energy Watch's database for comparison by consumers; can target offers to certain types of consumer, and can make some plans or special offers exclusively available via Energy Watch's call centre or website.

The recommendations made to you by Energy Watch's comparison service do not take into account a provider's commercial relationship with Energy Watch.