How Energy Watch Works

Energy Watch is an online retail and specialist advice centre that empowers you to make better informed decisions about energy.

When you contact us via our website or speak with one of the product specialists in our Australian-based contact centre, we always start by analysing your needs. We do this because we understand that different things are important to different people.

Once we understand your needs, we perform a comprehensive search of our available products and recommend a selection that suits your needs. You can then purchase one of these products directly from us without having to visit another website or call another number.

In the unlikely event we can't find a product with the features you want at a price you can afford, we'll be honest about it and recommend you either stay on your existing product or shop around elsewhere for a better deal.

One of the differences between Energy Watch and a traditional retailer is that we don't mark up our providers' products. This means you pay exactly the same amount using Energy Watch as you would by going directly to the product provider (excluding corporate discounts and exclusive retail offers). And with Energy Watch you have the added bonus of being able to compare multiple products from multiple providers in the one place at the one time.

Of course, we are paid for the service we provide but rather than pass our costs on to you, we choose to receive a commission from the provider of the product you end up purchasing.

Unlike many of our competitors in the comparison market, we are not owned by a product manufacturer. Energy Watch is owned and operated by iSelect Ltd- giving you confidence that the advice we provide is not influenced by anything other than a desire to provide you with a suitable product for your needs and quality customer service.

And because we don't have bricks and mortar shop-fronts, our running costs are lower, which means we can invest more in providing you with quality product advice and customer service.

Like any retailer, we can't stock every product in the market or guarantee that all our partners' products will be available at all times. What we do however is strive to ensure we have as many high quality products that cater to as many different needs and budgets as possible.